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If a pest infestation is threatening the reputation of your business, get in contact with ES Pest Control today.


ES Pest Control provides clients with professional pest control services that have been tailored to address the unique requirements of the business client. Pests in a commercial property can have a devastating effect on the reputation of a business. This is particularly true in the food industry where pests can pose a serious health risk to humans. ES Pest Control provides:

Site evaluation
Pest extermination
Identifying risk factors for your business
Customising a plan for your needs
Pest prevention advice
On-going integrated pest control

ES Pest Control are available for one off exterminations or on a contractual basis.
Large scale industrial properties may require regular checks to ensure they’re always pest free.

Our extermination team takes all necessary steps to ensure all pests are eliminated.

Our extensive post extermination property assessment identifies potential pest entry points and possible problem areas. We pest proof commercial properties to limit the risk of re-infestation.

Commercial Pest Control

Don’t let a pest infestation damage the reputation of your business, get in contact with ES Pest Control today.


Pub, restaurants, and hotels
Retail stores
Farming and agriculture
Food Processing
Industrial and Construction
Public Sector buildings for all Government departments including urban and county councils.

Our services meet the highest of industry standards. All our extermination services strictly adhere to all Health and Safety mandates and directives.

For further information on our contractual pest control service, get in contact with ES Pest Control today.

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